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4 Pet Tortoises Arrive Safely in Portugal

By : on : February 20, 2018 comments : (Comments Off on 4 Pet Tortoises Arrive Safely in Portugal)

Our wonderful tortoises Peny, Fil, Dirham, and Baisa arrived safely in Portugal!

Here are Dirham, Baisa, Penny, and Fil during their Fit to Fly examination with Dr. Vito prior to their departure.

Exporting tortoises is very complex due to their “protected species” status under CITES. The organization of their transport requires a massive level of expertise and know how!

Luckily at Pets Go Global @ GVC we have just that. We have the knowledge and expertise to ensure the 5-star travel of even the trickiest cases.

Please contact us if you require 5-star travel arrangements for your pets!

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