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A Parrot’s Flight to Portugal

Let me introduce myself, I am Quack- Quack (Quackie to my friends) and I have just completed a huge adventure…. Twelve years ago, I had taken residence in the garden of a villa, and a very kind lady decided to adopt me, I became her pet and friend. I grew extremely attached to her over […]

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An Insight into CITES

Our pets, whether furry, feathery, 2-legged or 4-legged, are part of our families and leaving them behind when we leave the UAE is, for most of us, not an option! However, some species can be more difficult to relocate than others. So, what does it mean if one of our precious pets is CITES protected? […]

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4 Pet Tortoises Arrive Safely in Portugal

Our wonderful tortoises Peny, Fil, Dirham, and Baisa arrived safely in Portugal! Here are Dirham, Baisa, Penny, and Fil during their Fit to Fly examination with Dr. Vito prior to their departure. Exporting tortoises is very complex due to their “protected species” status under CITES. The organization of their transport requires a massive level of […]

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Caring Squared

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The German Veterinary Clinic Ethos – what it means, why it means so much and why it helps to define GVC every day… There are some things in life that you really cannot value highly enough… and at the top of that list should be “People who care as much as we do about the […]

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Vet in Abu Dhabi

CATastrophic or a PUSSover?

CATastrophic or a PUSSover? Introducing a new ‘sister’ cat… Jasper is the ‘king’ of the household and is not too partial to his furry feline friends, as evidenced when he goes into a cat boarding facility where he hisses and spits at his fellow lodgers. His mum Joanna who is the Pet Transport Coordinator at GVC, […]

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