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moving my pet to uae


Are you travelling with your pets this summer – here are some tips and products that will help to ease their journey To sedate or not to sedate… One of the questions we get asked very frequently when it comes to pet transport is “Will / Can my pet be sedated when travelling?” The answer […]

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a tale of 47 lives

A Tale of 47 Lives

On the morning of Friday, 31st March this year, GVC was called upon to help in the assessment, treatment and care of 47 beautiful cats, who had been rescued from the most terrible of situations. Of course we were more than happy to oblige, but I don’t think any of us expected the physical and […]

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Signs of poisoning in cats

How do I know whether my cat has been poisoned ? To think that our cats may be poisoned either by ingesting a poison, being bitten by a poisonous animal or coming into contact with a poison by accident is one of the most frightening thoughts a cat owner can have. I would like to […]

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Managing Stress in Cats

Believe it or not, cats are very prone to becoming stressed and can show this in many ways. Often, we as humans will not notice this until they show their stress in physical ways, either by becoming ill or by trying to protect their territories by urinating, spraying or defecating in unwanted places. Cats are […]

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The mental health of ageing cats

Taking Care of the Mental Health of your Ageing Cat Believe it or not, cats are deemed to be “mature” from the age of 7 years (equivalent to 44 human years) and “ageing” or “senior” from the age of 10 years (equivalent to 57 human years). Cats require a different level of care in these […]

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