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Boarding – Living the Good Life at GVC!

on : July 24, 2019 comments : (Comments Off on Boarding – Living the Good Life at GVC!)

Yawn, stretch and roll over for belly rubs… and it’s another beautiful day in my penthouse suite!

When my Mum said she was off travelling for a month I was a little perplexed, I’m more of a creature comforts kind of guy and don’t do backpacking… At least not since I was a kitten. So I was more than a little relieved to overhear the humans talking about my hotel booking at the “GVC”, which I assumed stood for: “Greatest Vacations for Cats” as I know my Mum will always want only the best for me.

As it turned out I was pretty much right, this is the purrfect place to snooze, play and snuggle my days away… a real home away from home! And because the hotel is “Cat Friendly”, it’s exclusive for pussycats! Not that I’m a snob, but it is nice to be mixing with a more discerning clientele, we felines just know how best to behave when out and about.  

From the moment I arrived, I felt a wave of calm wash over me, which may have had something to do with the lovely high perch I was placed on whilst my Mum checked in and the privacy blanket that was draped over my travel carriage. It had this beautiful whiff of happiness and sunshine that left me feeling all warm and fuzzy (well I’m generally quite a fluffy chap anyway, but you know what I mean…) and even though there were a few other guests milling around in reception, everyone was treated like they were the center of the world, which for us fantastic felines is exactly how it should be!    

Once the humans had confirmed my choice of room (I chose a prime spot in The Victoria Suite, the more leisurely and relaxed accommodations for the laid back, confident connoisseur like myself) my Mum decided to treat me to an upgraded bed and catnip toy which are available in the Hotel Foyer shops… along with the finest of foods and a wonderful wall of toys and fashionable attire. It really is the cat’s whiskers, and that’s saying something as mine are magnificent!

As a health retreat as well as a luxury hotel, I was booked in for a quick medical with these very friendly and oh so patient humans. They obviously knew I was a VIC (Very Important Cat – as if there’s any other kind) as they treated me with the most respect and tenderness, I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing from a stranger. I heard these humans explaining to my Mum about “Fear Free”, which I fully endorse, I mean I’m no scaredy-cat (and I am often complimented on my Lion like looks), but I do get a bit miffed with the prodding, poking and pulling that seems to be the way elsewhere.  

After that it was off to my room, a lovely two-floor affair with bed and loo downstairs and a mezzanine balcony and lounge upstairs. With my new bed, toys and mini scratch post, I was feeling very much like the king of the castle… which I am, but now I felt like the king of all castles.

I booked in my first pamper session and spa treatment for the next morning and requested the 8:00 room service breakfast (my favourite food of course), then as it was getting a little late, I decided to call it a day and enjoyed a turndown service from one of the hotel attendants that included a nice long head scratch and tummy tickle. 

My stay has just continued to get better each day, after my lovely welcome I’ve come to look forward to my morning wake up call, breakfast in bed with belly rubs, head scratch and groom followed by my choice of sun lounger and garden views. Housekeeping are the most friendliest of fun-loving, feline hugging people. Every day they spruce up my room, tickle my tum and give me the most wonderful of play times. Plus, the one they call Emelyn takes my portrait and sends my Mum messages to let her know how I’m getting on. I prefer to disconnect on holiday, leaving my phone and tablet at home, so it’s great that these humans think of everything.

With Chief Cuddler Carl and Senior Tummy Tickler Simba looking after the entertainment, every day is just full of the things I love the most!  

I also let my Mum know that I’ve made a bunch of new friends too, Poppet, Misty, Coco, and Kathmandu are a great gang and we have such a lot of fun teasing the birds out the window… cheeky little niblets that they are. Not that we’re looking at them as dinner, the food here is far better and comes feather-free!

Thanks, Mum, you’re the best for booking me in for my awesome staycation! I hope you’re enjoying your travels, but you’re missing out on this, the most wonderous of heavenly holidays. 

And yes, you are going to have a very happy, healthy Buddy to look forward to spoiling when you come home!

If you are planning a trip away and want to treat your fantastic feline to a special staycation, then please get in touch, email or call 025562024.

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