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CATastrophic or a PUSSover?

on : October 10, 2017 comments : (Comments Off on CATastrophic or a PUSSover?)

CATastrophic or a PUSSover?

Introducing a new ‘sister’ cat…

Jasper is the ‘king’ of the household and is not too partial to his furry feline friends, as evidenced when he goes into a cat boarding facility where he hisses and spits at his fellow lodgers.

His mum Joanna who is the Pet Transport Coordinator at GVC, on the other hand, took a shine to ‘Minxy-Moo’, an abandoned kitten who was found outside GVC in a very poor condition, and who shared Joanna’s office space whilst recuperating. After long deliberations with Jasper, Joanna decided, for better or worse, to adopt Minxy Moo and bring her home.


To avoid a battle zone, Minxy was smuggled into the spare room of the house at first. The first two weeks were spent behind closed doors, the 2 cats tip-toeing around each other…both with their ‘own base’ (bedrooms) and alternatively sharing the living room space so they could get used to each other’s smells, and neither knowing how beautiful the other was…. how intriguing for them!!


It was so tempting for Joanna to fast track this procedure as it was tricky to switch them through a double door scenario, and heart-wrenching as to whom to spend more time with – obviously Jasper needed to be reassured that he was still the King of the Castle, and Minxy needed comfort in her new surroundings.


The next big step was the initial meeting. Joanna borrowed a cage from GVC and set it up in the lounge, covered with blankets originally, so there was hiding space whilst the pair eyed each other up and set their boundaries. To be fair, each had a turn in the cage, and they were very intrigued with each other. It wasn’t exactly love at first sight, but after a week, they were relaxed around each other.

In the fourth week the moment finally came for supervised play – well there was chasing, hiding, fisticuffs, squeals, but this was to be expected as they decided that they actually quite liked each other. Once mum was satisfied that ‘all was well’ in the household, they are now one big happy family. Of course, Jasper is still ‘King’ – as to be expected!😊

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