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Aaron Gawaran

Aaron Gawaran

Veterinary Nurse

Aaron is our Veterinary Nurse who joined GVC in 2017. He is a trained and registered human nurse from the Philippines who has combined his passion for nursing with his love for animals and has been working in the Veterinary Nursing field since 2015 after working as a Community Health Nurse in the Philippines and receiving specialist training in Emergency Care and Life Support.

Aaron is passionate about in-patient care as well as surgical nursing and is very involved in taking care of your pets whilst in the GVC hospital. His attention to detail as well as his compassion for animals are outstanding and make him an excellent nurse in these areas.

In his spare time, Aaron enjoys watching Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel as he is fascinated by all species of animals and how they adapt in the wild. He also breeds guppy fish in his spare time and has a pet terrapin at home as well as a “Mini Zoo” back in the Philippines.