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Christél Grobler

Christél Grobler

Pet Behaviour Team Assistant

Christél is from the beautiful Western Cape in South Africa. Christél comes to GVC with fantastic experience in the animal care and medical industries having previous roles in customer service, sales and marketing and a lot of direct experience within small animal veterinary clinics. Christél has also been actively involved with many Veterinary endoscopy procedures in South Africa. After joining GVC as part of the Reception team, Christél transitioned into the role of Pet Behaviour Team Assistant, a role that allows her to utilize her strengths in organization and administration combined with her love for animal behaviour and all things pet related!

Christél loves all animals but has a super soft spot for big wild cats, lions and cheetahs especially (as native to South Africa) and a huge love for horses, a love affair since she was three years old! It’s this love of animals that inspires Christél to better herself every day, striving to deliver the best service to customers (both human and animal) and to understand what can be done to help our furry friends have the most enjoyable of lives.

In Christél’s words: “My passion is and always has been animals. I believe everything in life happens for a reason and therefore we are meant to help and learn from every animal that crosses our paths.”

The love for animals started very young, growing up with all sorts of pets, rabbits, hamsters, dogs and the odd rescued bird, rat and chameleon but the love for horses has been a constant throughout her life and it’s to these gorgeous horses that she has known that Christél credits with helping her be the person she is today.

A passion and understanding that Christél shares with many others in the GVC team!