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Emelyn Villagonza

Emelyn Villagonza

Assistant Veterinary Nurse

Emelyn joined GVC as a Pet Care Assistant in 2019 and quickly demonstrated a wonderful positive attitude and an aptitude for all things pet care related. So when the opportunity arose for internal development and training Emelyn was very ready and, with the support of the clinical team and her own dedication to learning and hard work, Emelyn made the progression into an Assistant Nursing role.

With a background in customer service, education and hospitality, Emelyn brings a range of very useful skills and knowledge to the team.

Family is at the heart of everything that Emelyn holds dear and provides the motivation for all her efforts and achievements. Emelyn loves to keep active and has excelled in a number of sports, her ability and love for Volleyball provided Emelyn with a scholarship through university and is a sport that remains a passion.

As with many of the team, Emelyn grew up with a love of animals and apart from the family farm (pigs, cows and chickens) has been a loving dog owner since she was 10. Each dog that Emelyn has owned has been named the same as the last, creating a long line of pooches named “Gang-gang”!