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Manon Haut Labourdette

Manon Haut Labourdette


Manon is certainly no stranger to amazing customer service, bringing to the team seven years of experience working at the highest levels of hospitality as a Head Receptionist at one of the UAE’s fine dining restaurants. However, for Manon, the opportunity to join GVC’s team and combine her excellence for customer service with her passion for pet care was too good to miss!

Describing herself as “determined”, Manon certainly is committed to this change in direction, her massive enthusiasm for all thing’s veterinary is clear to see and it’s no surprise that Manon was already studying online to develop veterinary industry specific knowledge and skills before making the move to GVC.

Originally from France, Manon moved to the UAE in 2014 where she was able to combine her knowledge of hospitality with a growing love for all things feline.

Naturally, Manon is now a dedicated cat mum and does what she can to help Abu Dhabi’s Street Cat population.