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Tatjana Baczyk

Photo of Vet in Abu Dhabi

Tatjana Baczyk | Pet Behaviour and Training Assistant

Hailing from Germany, Tatjana moved to Abu Dhabi to chase the sun, warmth and the beach.

Previously having worked as a Psychiatric Nurse, she is used to the clinical environment of a veterinary clinic and is particularly interested in the psychology of animals.

Getting to work as part of the Pet Behaviour and Training team alongside owner Dr Katrin Jahn made working at GVC all the more appealing for Tatjana.

She is currently reading as many books as possible on the training and behaviour of pets from Katrin’s personal collection.

Tatjana grew up with German Shepherds and now is the proud mum to two adorable Persians, Castro and Peaches.

Outside of work, you’ll find her at the beach, dancing or running (for fitness and possibly in amateur races). Her biggest obsession is the ocean and all the critters and life it supports.

She is an important part of the highly-skilled team at German Veterinary Clinic, one of the longest running vet clinics in United Arab Emirates (UAE), located in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi.