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Free “Fear Free” Nail Trims from GVC’s Veterinary Nurses, our Superstars in Scrubs!

on : February 16, 2020 comments : (Comments Off on Free “Fear Free” Nail Trims from GVC’s Veterinary Nurses, our Superstars in Scrubs!)

At GVC, we are hugely fortunate to have been able to recruit a team of nurses who prove time and again that their priority is always their patients and that their purpose is to help every patient achieve the most positive outcome possible.

This February 2020 we at GVC want to shine a light on our nursing team, throughout the month we will be focusing on the work they do and the help they give. Starting with an invitation for you and your pet to experience a free “Fear Free” Nail Trim!

Nail Trims are one of those regularly required “maintenance” tasks that can have such a big impact on our pets. Done well, they can be a positive experience that prevents our furry friends from suffering a host of paw and claw related issues that can restrict movement and mobility and lead to more serious associated health problems…. However, done badly (and sadly they often are), a nail trim can be a nasty experience that causes pain and creates a lot of stress for our pets that can, in time, lead to a more deep rooted fear and anxiety for any paw related activities.

Which makes it our mission at GVC to ensure that all our four pawed friends experience only the positive way!

How? Well, our nurses carry out nail trims in a calm environment with plenty of treats, cuddles, patience, love and expertise. There is a method to this and it’s an integral part of being a “Fear Free” Professional!

Just call 02 556 2024 and book an available time for your pet, Sunday to Thursday 11:00 – 16:00 throughout February 2020 and allow our nurses to spread the Fear Free love!

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