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Haggis’s Story

on : May 16, 2018 comments : (Comments Off on Haggis’s Story)

Some humans call me “Lucky”…

I don’t know why though, Lucky lives down the street and is a great big hairy dog…

Haggis PosingMe, I’m called “Haggis” and I am the most wonderful, daring, fantastically friendly feline any human could possibly hope to meet….!! And I know that’s true because my very best human friends told me so…!

I am also now the happiest of happy pussy cats as I have found the very best human family any kitten could ever dream of… life is so great I can’t stop purring…!!

It wasn’t always that way though…, in fact it’s only a few human months since my life was turned around and around and upside down and I was rescued from what I thought might have been the end before I’d really begun the great life adventure. As it is I’m two of my nine lives down but I know I am going to have the most magical and amazing life(s) to come!

Because I was so small and really just a teeny furball (not like now as I’m almost a fully grown Tiger), I don’t really remember too much now of that time but what I do know is that I had a horrid accident with a giant noisy metal monster that left me feeling so weak and sad, even the other cats in the street gang were sad to talk to me… all except old uncle Alfonzo the one eyed mystic moggy who is the oldest of old things and knows everything in the land of meows and mice….

He saw the big ouch I had on my side, stared at me with his big sad eye and half whispered, half growled a story about these blue humans with magic in their fingers and a place of such wonders that they can perform miracles and cure poorly pussycats when all hope has been lost… poor old uncle Alfonzo, he is so old that he gets a bit forgetful… as I found out later everyone else just calls it the GVC…

When Uncle Alfonzo finished the story though I knew I had to get to that place of wonders, I was far too young for my final catnap and I wanted to see the magic for myself!

The great Tom in the sky was smiling on me that night as it turned out that the blue humans with magic fingers were only one night’s travel away… although with my big ouch that night was also nearly my last. My final memory of that night was this cheeky sparrow flying just ahead of me (he knew I would have to follow my instinct to chase him, us cats can’t help it…) and leading me to the place of wonders… with my last energy I reached these huge steps where I just flopped down for a final nap.

My next memory (and where my new life began) was waking up in this snuggly nest with some yummy food and a lot less ouch. I had found the blue humans with magic fingers who had performed their miracles…!

Of course, I soon learned that they weren’t really blue humans but actually humans dressed in blue and they all had their own names, like Doctor Vito and nurse Nora, nurse Wimbie and Doctor Katrin. And my favourite, Lynsey, who gave me my new name, the name Haggis!

I don’t know what Haggis means in human but I’m pretty sure it must mean something about being wonderful and special, pretty and brave!

Haggis playingAnyway, my new life began when I woke up that first day and as I got better and better I spent my days playing and snoozing, cuddling and talking (all the humans seemed to have such a good understanding of cat… but terrible accents when they tried to talk back… that’s ok though because all us cats are fluent in human, we just prefer to ignore most of what you say).

I was soon fully better and that’s when I learnt that maybe I wouldn’t have to go back to the streets (the idea of the streets did scare me a bit – I mean I am very very brave… but there are all those nasty metal giants everywhere…), that sometimes other happy humans will allow themselves to be adopted by a pussycat and invite the pussycat to nest in their homes with lots of playtime, cuddles and snoozing… I didn’t know about this before but when I found out I knew that this was the life I most wished for…

So every night (and morning, afternoon and evening) I would snooze and dream of a new home and lots of happy humans, the big ones and the little ones, that I could adopt and adore…

I knew this might take a while because adopting humans should not be rushed but eventually I found the perfect pride with a mix of sizes plus a dog/clown to keep me entertained…! As soon as I saw them I thought they were purrrrfect.

Still, it was very sad when I had to pack my blanket and straw mouse up with my food bowl and say goodbye to all those amazing humans at (what I now knew was) the GVC… all the humans I make happy in my life owe it to the GVC, without their magic so many pussycats wouldn’t be around to make the world a better place…

And thanks to them, one day I might just catch a sparrow (and say thank you so very much!!).

That’s my story and I hope you enjoyed it!

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