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At GVC, we recognise that prevention is always better than cure and as such we have a number of “Quality Care” Health Care Plans which will accompany your pet through its life stages.

Kitten and Puppy Plans

Initially, we will provide you with Kitten and Puppy Plans, which will escort your pet through its first year of life. This includes vaccinations, initial de-worming and external parasite control, neutering and microchipping as well as advice on diet and behaviour and how to start implementing good habits for later life, such as teeth cleaning and more.

Dental Plans

During the adult life of your pet, we focus on dental and oral hygiene care, showing you the best regime and products to care for your pet’s teeth.

Don’t worry, we know that some dogs or cats might not let you brush their teeth so we have many alternatives that still do a great job.

Clean and healthy teeth are supremely important to your pet’s health so this is an area which we really focus on.

Diet- and Weight Loss Plans

We know that the climate and lifestyle conditions in the UAE can lead to overweight pets and therefore we offer weight loss and maintenance plans run by our wonderful nurses to ensure that your pet returns to and stays at his or her slim and trim ideal healthy weight and body condition !

As well as ensuring health and longevity, these plans are great fun and can really improve the bond and relationship between you and your pet.

Senior Pet Plans

Believe it or not, our pets are classed as being “senior” from the age of 7-8 years. This is the time that their bodies start to develop specific needs and the time that we need to pay special attention to their health.

We offer a comprehensive “Senior Health Package”, which includes a full physical examination, blood and urine tests, blood pressure measurement where appropriate and special recommendations regarding your pet’s joints, diet and lifestyle.

Managing Ongoing Conditions

Despite the best level of care, inherited medical conditions or medical conditions that develop throughout the life of your pet may require active intervention to stabilise and effectively manage them. Appropriate nutrition, medical management and monitoring may be part of your animal’s treatment plan.

GVC is able to offer specialised, tailor made plans to suit the needs and requirements of your pet.