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Top tips on how to improve the welfare of cats during relocation

January 17, 2019    IPATA Email Newsletter

These tips are based on the 5 Freedoms of Welfare as well as the 5 Pillars of a Healthy Feline Environment from the AAFP/ISFM Feline Environmental Needs Guideline:

1. Provide a Safe Place

Educate owners on familiarization with the crate and the time it may take to do this. Early preparation is key! If possible, place a pad or blanket/sheet with the
cat’s smell on it in the crate during transport. Cats are extremely sensitive to smell and having their own familiar scent in the crate will give them a sense of safety and security.

2. Always Keep Cat Crates at a Height

Where possible, do not leave cat crates on the floor. This is a very easy habit to get into and will hugely improve a cat’s sense of safety. This protects cat crates
from being kicked or banged into and from the prying noses of dogs.

3. Avoid Loud Noises and Submit Cats to Soothing Sounds

A cat’s range of hearing is almost 3 times greater than that of humans, which means they hear far more frequencies than we do. Therefore, minimize loud noises as
much as possible. We go one step further by playing music, the frequency of which emulates a cat’s purr during preparation for travel and when on the road in the car. We use the i-Tunes album by David Teie – “Music for Cats”.

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