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Mia, GVC’s Pet Sitting Inspiration

Mia is not just your typical scared-y cat. A stunning calico with piercing green eyes, and an Abu Dhabi rescue, she has highly attuned feline instincts which makes leaving her territory particularly stressful. Mia’s reaction to a change in environment is one of extreme anxiety and distress. A visit to the veterinary clinic usually involves a lot of stress, both on Mia’s and her guardian’s behalf!

So, when Mia’s parents (or owners… though we aren’t sure she would agree with that description) had a couple of weekends away planned and no-one to housesit, they and Mia were in quite a predicament.  Boarding was not an option, Mia found this so stressful that nobody could enjoy their time away, and there was nobody at home to stay with Mia. 

An SOS email was sent to Nora, Head Nurse at GVC asking about what possible solutions there could be. And so, GVC’s pet sitting service was born.

As a Cat Friendly Clinic, we are not just invested in the welfare of cats both physically and emotionally, but are obsessed by it. The busy clinic had never before taken care of pets in their own homes due to the popularity of our luxury boarding rooms. However, in Mia’s case, a change had to be made.  Dr Katrin Jahn, owner and Head Vet, along with Head Nurse Nora decided to look after Mia personally, in her own home, to gauge her response to GVC’s home care hospitality. 

GVC Cat Pet Sitting

Mia absolutely loves GVC's new cat sitting service! 😻😻😻Our caring and experienced veterinary professionals go above and beyond the usual pet sitting duties so you can rest assured that your beloved cats are in safe hands. This is perfect for cats like Mia who do not enjoy leaving their homes – but enjoy a relaxing head massage that is part of the package! If you are interested in this service, please contact us:info@germanvet.ae02 556 2024 #GVCQualityCare #InSafeHands #AbuDhabiVets #wecareasmuchasyoudo

Posted by German Veterinary Clinic on Thursday, September 6, 2018

An initial visit with a lengthy questionnaire to learn about all of Mia’s preferences and habits was carried out straight away! At home with a very relaxed and welcoming Mia, her eating schedule was discussed in detail, her favourite music channel for the TV was recorded, and her favourite hiding spots identified. We even learned from the at home experts where Mia preferred to be stroked and what her favourite toys were!

Rubbing Mia’s favorite spots – exactly as instructed

Equipped with all we would possibly need to know about this special girl, two weekends of complete joy ensued. Twice daily visits ensured that Mia had plenty of interaction and affection, as well as all of her daily needs met. Once the business of litter trays and refreshments were taken care of (she particularly looked forward to her evening meals of chicken and duck in gravy), it was time for Mia. She got to choose whatever activity she would like carried out by us. Usually, it involved a little chat (we chatted- she chirruped), rubs, Indian head massages and occasionally some light exercise in the form of chasing her toys. Mostly though, it was just cuddles and love.

Morning Yoga with Mia

While enjoying their breaks away, Mia’s owners received twice daily updates in form of photos and videos and Dr Katrin and Nora were sure to pass on to Mia their regards and affections!

The last day with Mia was emotional… She and the GVC ladies had developed a special bond during their time together, and saying goodbye was bittersweet. We had truly gotten to know Mia in a completely new light. The fearful, stressed girl we had known previously was actually a sweet, engaging, gentle and affectionate kitty that we were privileged to have gotten to know.

Mia was the inspiration for GVC’s bespoke pet sitting service. Passionate veterinary nurses and nurse assistants care for your cats (rabbits and fish also now!) at home as closely as you would. Their medical expertise allows quick action if anyone were to become unwell… and the care and dedication they offer allows you to relax and unwind.

Since Mia, GVC has expanded their pet sitting locations and availability. With Christmas and busy travel plans fast approaching, why not consider leaving your cats at home with the GVC team to cater to their every need.

We care when you’re not there, even at home!

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