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The GVC Pet Parlor

The GVC is proud to offer a full pet grooming service within the GVC clinic facility ! Whether your pet needs a simple bath, trim or tidy up or a full shave to beat the summer heat, the GVC pet grooming service can help you!

Our professional pet groomer has many years of experience in grooming pets in the UAE and can accommodate the majority or your wishes and requests. Please note that cats will be sedated for grooming in order to minimise stress to the cat and time required for grooming. As a result, cats must have a health examination and be fasted prior to grooming.
At the GVC Pet Parlour, you can choose between individual grooming treatments or “Spa Packages” for the “Full Treatment” !
Pet grooming in Abu Dhabi
Pet grooming in Abu Dhabi

Grooming slots are strictly by appointment only!