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Dog Grooming at GVC

Dog Grooming

Barks & Bubbles @ GVC - Dog Grooming Done Right!

Are you wondering how to help your pooch feel fresh and look their best all year round?  

We all know just how abrasive the Middle East climate and environment can be. To help our pets adapt and cope with the heat and dust, a regular regime of brushing, washing and trimming is recommended especially for the longer haired breeds, but our short haired and double coated canine friends will also be very thankful. Regular grooming will support positive health and hygiene by

  • Minimizing the potential impact of environmental causes of skin conditions
  • Reducing the opportunity for heat related challenges and
  • Avoiding painful paw problems

Regardless of breed, size, age and gender, almost all dogs will benefit from a regular grooming routine and whilst there is plenty that can be done at home, often a professional’s attention can really make a big difference (click here to read more). 

Whether it is purely for sanitary and hygiene purposes or a super slick styling session, a visit to Barks & Bubbles @ GVC will help your pooch feel like a pampered prince(ss)!   

We offer high standard grooming services delivered by our fantastic UK trained specialist (click here to read more) and in keeping with GVC’s Fear Free and Quality Care ethos. Utilizing muzzle free, cage free practices and a customer friendly booking process, this is Dog Grooming that both you and your best friend will love!

Dog Grooming Packages

We offer two pooch-tastic packages to help keep your dog looking and feeling their best.

 The Pamper & Pedi Package:

  • Bath and brushing
  • Blow dry
  • Nail and Pad trim
  • Paws, ears and eyes clean

Prices start from AED 250.00

The Full Spa Package:

  • Styling (and Sanitary) Haircut
  • Brushing & De-shedding
  • Blow dry
  • Nail and Pad trim
  • Paws, ears and eyes clean

Prices start from AED 400.00

Our knowledgeable and highly skilled Groomer will be happy to discuss styles and preferences. 

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