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GVC Pet Health Club

GVC Pet Health Club

Annual Membership

GVC Pet Health Club

The Pet Health Club by German Veterinary Clinic is an innovative way to provide the very best value healthcare for your pets.

For an annual fee of only 595 AED, you will receive preferential perks and prices for all the furry family!

The GVC Pet Health Club is designed to enable our customers to access the very best pet healthcare at exceptional value.

We recognise that cost can be a challenge when planning your pets’ healthcare, especially if you are a multi-pet household, so the PHC has been created to help you to optimise the ongoing and preventative health care for your furry loved ones through scheduled time with our highly skilled team at preferential rates.

With 4 x FREE veterinary consults per year and 50 % off vaccinations as well as a several other fantastic inclusions, the GVC Pet Health Club will help you support your pets to have a happy and healthy life.

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Benefits of Membership

The GVC Pet Health Club has an annual membership payment of AED 595 per household or family, which includes all dogs and cats in the household for a period of 12 months, for the following services at preferential rates:

  1. 4 x FREE Veterinary Consultations per 12-month period (excludes specialist or second opinion consultations such as ophthalmology, neurology, behaviour, pain assessments)
  2. 50 % off Vaccinations
  3. 25% off External Parasite Control
  4. 25% off De-worming
  5. 10 % off Dental Treatment
  6. 10 % off Food
  7. 10% off Merchandise
  8. 1 x monthly FREE Home Delivery (food/merchandise/medication for orders over AED 350 value)
  9. No Repeat Prescription Fee for long term/chronic conditions (treatment duration longer than three months continuous treatment)

How to Join

To become a member of the GVC Pet Health Club, please enquire at Reception or contact us for more information.