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My dog, Tati, is anxious. Alarmingly so! I was advised to visit Dr. Katrin and I turned up almost as anxious as the dog! Dr. Katrin is working with me to unpick his anxieties and to teach me to understand his body language. There is a lot to learn!

Tati is needing medication to overcome his issues, but I am so grateful to see him slowly become more confident and less anxious. There is some way to go yet, it has only been 3 weeks, but the advice from Dr. Katrin has allowed small victories to occur. The playing of classical, calming music has been a triumph!

I also appreciate the fact that Dr. Katrin has made time for me in and out of office hours, giving me reassurance when it feels rather overwhelming.

I do happily recommend Dr. Katrin & the German Vet Behaviour Service.

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