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Natasha, Spokie and Leila

By : on : July 7, 2020 comments : (Comments Off on Natasha, Spokie and Leila)

Spokie (it means little ghost in Afrikaans) was a feral cat which I rescued from a basement parking garage. She was very aggressive and soon I realized that I was out of my depth with how to handle her. I would many times wonder if I made the right decision and one day I spoke to Nora at the German Vet. She mentioned that Dr Katrin will be able to evaluate Spokie and give some advice. It was life changing!! Dr Katrin came to the house and with her guidance, I started understanding Spokie’s cues of when to touch and when not to. I read her body language when she is in a good mood or when I should rather leave her in her corner. Dr Katrin made suggestions on how to rearrange the room so that Spokie could get to places where she could calm down and hide if she needed to. She’s receiving medication which is managing her extreme anxiety and I am even able to touch her, she sits on my lap and she loves playing, something I never thought I will see. Administering the medication wasn’t easy in the beginning but with Dr Katrin’s guidance, it’s much easier now. Visiting the clinic is like visiting friends. The fear free option takes the anxiety away of travelling with cats in a car. I appreciate that the clinic makes such an effort to ensure the animals and their owners are relaxed and taken care of. I am so grateful to Dr Katrin and the German Veterinary clinic staff for all the help and guidance the past few years. Please continue this amazing service and friendships.

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