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Tortoise Talk

I may be considered as quite slow
Off to Portugal I’m set to go

The paperwork is a bit of a tease
As an ‘endangered species’ I’m required CITES

It took a few weeks to plan
And I had a microchip to scan

CITES applications were made to the authorities
And these were my upmost priorities

Having had no prior papers –
I was dependent on my pet relocators

I required a certificate of origin from UAE
And my new residence – in the form of an addressee

An export permit is a must
A health check – all went well I trust!

I went to visit the official vet
He attested the paperwork without upset

I had a cat carrier as a crate
Plenty of wet lettuce is all I ate

Advanced notification was needed for me to arrive
Customs & clearance and then a drive

No need for quarantine
It was apparently a straight forward routine

Thanks to the work of PGG@GVC
My safe travel was a guarantee


German Veterinary Clinic


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