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Puppy Life Skills

Our six-week Puppy Life Skills Package provides a variety of games and exercises to increase confidence and resilience.

Some of the life skills you and your puppy will learn include:
• Reading how your puppy is feeling in any given situation
• Communicating with your puppy in a positive way
• Toilet training and other unwanted behaviours
• Important skills and strategies for your puppy to stay safe
• Building a solid relationship between your puppy and your family
• Basic cues, games and walking on a lead

The package includes 6 x 60 minute sessions. The first session is conducted without your puppy so that we can introduce you to our training methods and what to expect.

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Confidence Camp

Our four-week Confidence Camp is fun for dogs of all ages, and provides a variety of wins for both you and your dog.

During confidence camp, we will introduce you and your dog to the 3 Cs – Calm, Confidence and Connection:

• CALM – We can teach our dogs calm behaviours and help them deal with frustration.

• CONFIDENCE – We can teach new experiences safely and without fear and give our dogs the tools to make good choices in new situations.

• CONNECTION – This will teach your dog that you “have their back” and are their point of safety and security.

The package includes 4 x 60 minute sessions which are tailored to you and your dog’s needs.