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Unravelling the Riddles of Pet Relocation Estimates

on : February 3, 2019 comments : (Comments Off on Unravelling the Riddles of Pet Relocation Estimates)

Moving your pet from here to there… Really, how difficult can that be?

Well in truth it’s not so much difficult as complex, time-consuming and of course quite expensive, especially when you are not being provided with all of the right information and costs are either not being fully explained or fully included. Which presents you with the scenario that you won’t know what you don’t know unless there is full disclosure about all potential costs at every step of the process.

So, how can you ensure that you are getting both the best advice and service as well as a fair and comprehensive price?

Simple – come to GVC, where we will break down the components and potential costs into an easy to understand format!

1. Veterinary Costs

Relocating a pet requires them to be in good health with evidence that the animal is disease-free and therefore will not present a health risk to their new home country. For this to be demonstrated, pet parents must be able to provide an up-to-date record of appropriate vaccinations and microchip within their pet’s “passport”. These records will need to be verified by your vet and, depending on the destination, further procedures such as additional blood tests, vaccinations and parasite treatments will need to be initiated according to a specific time schedule.

These can be quite substantial and costly and the possible pitfalls of using a pet relocator that is not attached to a veterinary clinic, is that these costs may not be included in your initial estimate and you may receive a nasty surprise when these need to be paid separately to a third party veterinary clinic.

2. Logistics

  • Booking the flight
    Whether your pet travels as excess baggage or freight cargo, you’ll want to get a good price but also ensure your pet is travelling with a very reputable carrier, going to the best and/or most convenient destination and avoiding any unnecessary stopovers that will extend the time spent in their travel crates.

With a network of international industry connections and a volume-based discount on airfares with all the major airlines, using a relocation specialist will actually save you money at this stage in the process.

  • Making sure you have the right size and type of travel crate
    This is essential as there are strictly enforced guidelines and these should be fully understood in advance as

    1. The wrong size, if too small will prevent your pet from flying.
    2. The cost of pet airfare (Airway Bill) is based on the size of crate used. Having a Pet Relocation Expert help you to measure your pet and establish the correct size will ensure that there are no unwelcome surprises at check in.
    3. Make sure your crate is IATA approved and in a good state of repair with all of the necessary stickers and documents attached. Again, any mistakes here may be costly as it may mean re-booking the flight.
  • Making sure your pet relocation service includes all the required collections and airport drop-offs
    This seems obvious but do check the details as these may not be covered if considered optional.

3. Arrival

Ok – your pet has made it to their new home country. Knowing where to go, what to do, what paperwork is needed and whether your pet is even able to immediately leave the import customs area are all details and requirements that need to be understood.

Some countries have mandatory quarantine periods, whilst others insist that a recognized relocation agent is utilized to release a pet from customs. These costs may or may not be included in your estimate and can be substantial so make sure that you are fully informed.

Plus, are there any forward travel requirements from the destination airport? If yes, have these been considered within the overall relocation process and costs?

These details must be clear and included as necessary to avoid potential mishaps.

4. Legal

Yes, last but definitely not the least… is everything that is legally necessary for your pet to travel on both the departure as well as the arrival side. This includes all the permit applications (import, export, health certificates, customs clearance, etc.) and don’t forget the official “fit to fly” exam by a UAE licensed veterinarian that is mandatory to ensure your pet can start their journey.

Then there are the breed or species specific regulations that come in to play for a variety of animals due to seasonal and/or country demands.  

Having incorrect or missing paperwork can really cause problems and, of course, without all the relevant forms and stamps, nothing can move forward.  When done correctly, the paperwork is a relatively minor time- and cost consumer, however, a mistake here can be hugely costly both financially and in terms of the animal’s welfare.

In Summary…

Despite all the potential problems, the fact remains that pet relocation is a series of simple steps… but you do want these to be managed correctly so that they combine to create a nice smooth, stress-free process and you need to know what cost are involved in each of these steps.

At GVC, we have been successfully working in the Pet Relocation industry for over a decade and our team have a wonderful volume of collective experience that means that we can welcome each pet and provide a bespoke and personal customer journey (as well as the actual pet journey).

With all the critical veterinary services in-house, a fully-integrated Relocation Team and a vast network of overseas agents, GVC offers the same standards of welfare considerations for our pet travelers as we do for all our clinical customers.

Our estimates are comprehensive and transparent and our team are able to discuss and advise on every step of the process. Plus, we offer a free travel consultation as one of the many benefits within our Pet Health Club.

Call 02 556 2024 or email to book an appointment with our Relocation Specialists. Or click here to learn more!

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