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Veterinary Nurses – Superstars in Scrubs!

on : February 5, 2020 comments : (Comments Off on Veterinary Nurses – Superstars in Scrubs!)

Yep, Veterinary Nurses are Amazing! That’s basically all that needs to be said… Although, that would be missing the point of a blog. So, instead of going for the short and sweet, very direct approach, we’ll provide a few reasons as to why Veterinary Nurses are Amazing and then reach exactly the same conclusion… perfect!

At GVC, we are hugely fortunate to have been able to recruit a team of nurses who prove time and again that their priority is always their patients and that their purpose is to help every patient achieve the most positive outcome possible. They enjoy nothing more than seeing a recovered patient heading home to their loving family. Sadly, not every patient story has a happy ending but that is the nature of the veterinary industry (and a fact of life..). However, regardless of health and prognosis, every patient receives the same level of care, love and compassion to help them feel truly adored, safe and secure… and whilst it is the Veterinary Doctors who determine a treatment plan, it is the Nurses who collectively make it happen.

So, a few reasons why Veterinary Nurses are so amazing:

  • 1. Without a team of Nurses, Vets would not be able to achieve the results they do… and that’s not to lessen the role of the Vets, far from it… but on any given day at GVC there may be anywhere from 10 – 20 patients in their care and each will have a specific individual treatment plan in place. Which means that whilst the Vets will check on their patients regularly between consults and surgeries, the in-patient Nurses are constantly aware of each patient, administering medication (and cuddles) and carrying out the treatment instructions to the letter.
  • 2. Nurses “scrub-in” to surgery and enable the Vet to perform the complex procedures needed. Whether monitoring vital signs, assisting with anesthesia, providing the correct equipment or literally moping a brow (yes, that is needed), the roles of the Nurses are essential to the success of each procedure.
  • 3. At GVC, our Nurses support the Vets in consult. This isn’t something that is a general standard in all Veterinary Clinics, but it is for us. The reason, well there are a few, but certainly as we continue to enhance and perfect our Cat Friendly procedures and venture further down the road of all things Fear Free, you’ll often find a Nurse administering consult treats and cuddles as well as working in the background to enable the Vet to give their undivided attention to you and your pet.
  • 4. The GVC Nurses carry out regular Nurse Consults. You only want a quick dental check, nail trim or weigh-in? Well you don’t require a Vet to carry out these standard checks and procedures. No, our Nurses are all skilled and utilize the Fear Free approach to deliver these and many more standard preventative checks. In fact, we actually offer “Happy Visits” whereby pets who are a little anxious about trips to the “vet” can come in purely to receive some love and treats… The idea being to create and then reinforce positive associations with what may previously have been a cause of stress… A running theme through many of our blogs and posts is the indisputable benefit of regular, preventative health checks and procedures., make a Nurse Consult part of the regime for your pet. You and your fur-babies will see the benefits! 
  • 5. Veterinary Nurses make the world a better, happier place. Ok, that may sound a little grandiose… but it’s true! Think about it, all that love and compassion directed at your pets, nursing sick animals and supporting the welfare, health and wellbeing of all the furry friends they see… we know that having pets in our lives has a number of health benefits for us – physical, emotional and mental. So, it stands to reason that whatever supports the source of our health and happiness therefore makes us happy… So, the world is a better place because of Nurses.

There you go, conclusive evidence that Veterinary Nurses are Amazing!

Obviously every role in the clinic is important and all combine to create a team of likeminded individuals whose goal it is to help pets live their best lives… from reception, to cleaning, nursing and doctors every role is integral and all have responsibilities that allow great results to be achieved. But no one who has worked in a veterinary clinic would disagree that the role of the nurses really does hold the whole thing together. 

This February 2020 we at GVC want to shine a light on our nursing team, throughout the month we will be focusing on the work they do and the help they give. Starting with an invitation for you and your pet to experience a free “Fear Free” Nail Trim…! 

Just call and book an available time Sunday to Thursday 11:00 – 16:00 throughout February 2020 and meet the heroes from behind the scenes!

Call 02 5562024 or email to learn more. 

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