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How ‘Pigeon’ flew from the UAE to South Africa

Pet relocation

Pigeon’s home was in Dubai, living with her Mum and Dad and 2 Pug dogs – Lola and Benjamin.

When it was time for Mum and Dad to relocate to New Zealand, it was decided that Pigeon was to fly to Johannesburg to start a new adventure and reside with Grandad.

You would not think that such a tiny bird would need so much paperwork and logistical planning. We applied for an import permit and a 30 day quarantine stay in South Africa, but if that was not enough, Pigeon (yes that’s her name) had another mini break before her travels – a 30 day isolation stay at the Falcon Hospital in Abu Dhabi, where she had a huge suite with a perch, where she grandly sat.

Pigeon was microchipped and had a number of tests to ensure she was clear of avian bird flu and fit to travel.

She held her head up high as we collected her in a Pigeon sized carrier and took her to the airport vet for her final checks before travelling.

Her papers were signed off and attested and she was ready to go.

Before her flight, she came back to the GVC clinic for a freshen up, supper and rest for the night so that all the excitement wouldn’t give her fright!

Her travel carrier was prepared with food & water and Pigeon was checked in on her flight to Johannesburg.

A few hours after her departure, we received the news that everyone had been waiting for – she had arrived safe and well in South Africa, was greeted by our GVC partner agent there and checked safely into her quarantine suite!

This is one of our most satisfying and unusual stories and just goes to show that GVC International Pet Transport really can send “Any Pet, Anywhere”.