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Caring for a Designer Breed – the Beautiful Persian Cat!

Persian cats are adored for their looks and for their quiet, sweet natures. For these and a myriad of other reasons they are a consistently popular choice for cat loving pet owners. In fact, many of the GVC team are owners of rescued Persian or Persian cross breed cats (Dr Katrin and Dr Vito both […]

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Caring for a Designer Breed – the lovable Pug!

The Pug has been around for A. Very. Long. Time…
The recorded history of the Pug dates back about 1000 years to the Song Dynasty in Ancient China before they were introduced in to European royal circles in the 16th century […]

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How best to care for a “designer” breed pet!

In the natural world, evolution generally works pretty well to adapt animals (including us) to specific environments and needs. The only snag is that it tends to take a while. Our pets are fantastic examples of evolution in progress, the domestication of wolves and wildcats over a few millennia […]

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Boarding – Living the Good Life at GVC!

Yawn, stretch and roll over for belly rubs… and it’s another beautiful day in my penthouse suite!
When my mum said she was off travelling for a month I was a little perplexed, I’m more of a creature comforts kind of guy and don’t do backpacking … At least not since I was a kitten. So I was more […]

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What is fear free?

At German Veterinary Clinic, we are on a mission to make clinic visits as calm and stress-free as possible – both for our patients as well as their owners. The emotional welfare of our furry friends (and their humans) is something we are passionate about and constantly prioritize for every animal we see.

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