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GVC - Your Partner for Pet Relocation Services

Over 4000 Pets Relocated Globally

GVC has been trusted to successfully relocate and reunite over 4000 pets around the world.

One Stop Shop

By choosing GVC’s VIP package, we manage every step of the pet relocation process, including all required veterinary procedures.

We Care as Much as You Do

We understand that pet relocation can be a stressful process for all and that “trust” is key. Our animal loving team always put your pet first and are all Fear Free Certified.

Member of IPATA

We’re a member of IPATA and only engage with other IPATA members to ensure that our overseas agents work to recognized international standards.

Positive Travel Experience

Working closely with GVC’s Pet Behaviour and Training team, we use proven strategies to support your pet’s well-being throughout the relocation process.

Smooth Operations

GVC maintains excellent relationships with MOCCAE and the UAE’s premium carriers to support the delivery of smooth and cooperative services.

Pet Relocation Specialists

Our outstanding team are trained pet relocation specialists and have over 20 years experience behind them.

Proactive and Regular Communication 

You will receive regular updates both pre and post relocation of your pet, to help give you peace of mind.

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What our Pet Relocation clients are saying

The GVC Global Pet Relocation team have helped transport more than 4,000 pets. Find out why our customers recommend us:

Sookie arrived safely and still adjusting (wide-awake at midnight and sleeping now – finally!) Thank you all for making her adventure comfortable and safe. 

Have a great day ahead!

Kristine Tan-On

You are amazing! Thank you so much! I’m so glad you took care of my dog with his travels, I was worried about flying in the summer, but you made it seamless and safe.



Just mailing to let you know Charlie made it safe and is lording it around like a queen & and handing out the guilt trips lol.
Thank you to you and your fantastic team for all of your help in getting her to us safe and sound.

Kevin Booth


We Care As Much As You Do

At the German Veterinary Clinic we fully understand how potentially intimidating the prospect of pet relocation can be and, as pet owners and lovers ourselves, how important the decision is to find and engage with a team you can trust. The reality is that relocation can be a stressful experience for most, if not all of our pets. Rest assured, a positive travel experience is always our primary focus and we work closely with the UAE’s only Veterinary Behaviour & Training team to reduce discomfort, stress and the potential for a negative experience. Working towards ensuring your pet is sufficiently prepared for their big trip, we always ask the question ‘What impact will airline travel and relocation have on your pet?’ You can learn more about how we answer this and why GVC continues to be Abu Dhabi’s preferred relocation partner in our blog post here.

GVC’s Pet Relocation team can provide you and your pet with the bespoke service that you both deserve. Learn more about our international pet export and import services below and get in touch with us at or 025562024

GVC Pet Relocation Services – Pet Export

Plan Ahead

Please make sure to get in touch with us for your pet relocation needs well in advance. The minimum timeframe to engage GVC Pet Relocation Services is fourteen days from departure date. However, please be aware that some destination countries require upwards of 180 days for all pre-travel preparations.


The next step will be to complete a brief GVC’s questionnaire, designed to allow our team to learn a few important details relevant to your pet’s physical, mental and emotional needs in the lead up and preparation for travel.

Relocation consultation

This Relocation Consultation will provide the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and provide you with the information and reassurance needed to consider entrusting your pet’s relocation to the GVC team. The Relocation Consultation lasts 30 minutes and is priced at AED 150.00

Following these steps, the GVC Pet Relocation team will provide you with a detailed estimate and initial travel itinerary outlining your pet’s bespoke relocation service. On acceptance to proceed, the GVC Clinical, Behaviour and Relocation Teams will meet to discuss your VIP flyer’s needs considering the veterinary, behavioural and logistical requirements.

Our Pet Export Packages

GVC Pet Relocation Services for Pet Export (from Abu Dhabi & Dubai) are as follows:

The GVC Relocation Service VIP (Very Important Pet) Package for comprehensive pet export is inclusive of the following:

  • Flight sourcing and confirmation
  • Document checking and all associated administrative functions
  • Crate fitting (if required)
  • Scheduling for any vaccines, bloodwork and parasite treatment as per importing country requirement’s (these can be administered by the GVC Clinical team – priced separately)  
  • A stress assessment and recommendations designed to help your VIP enjoy a positive travel experience: 
    • Includes a 30-minute virtual consultation with a member of the GVC Pet Behaviour team 
    • The prescription of any recommended medications, supplements and/or pheromone products from 14 days prior to departure
    • Optional (and at an additional charge), a tailored crate familiarization training service delivered by GVC’s Behaviour & Training team using only Positive Reinforcement techniques
  • A “Fit to Fly” day – scheduled within ten days prior to the travel date. This includes: 
    • A full veterinary health check carried out by GVC 
    • Observation of your pet’s behaviour away from you (allowing for any adjustment of stress reduction plans to be made)  
    • Travel to and from the airport for Ministry (MOCCAE) document validation and health check confirmation 
    • Finalisation and submission/verification of all travel documents
  • Management and/or delivery of all required travel logistics
  • Management and coordination of all third-party agents and organizations (e.g. destination country agents and quarantine facilities) as required 
  • Booking of the Airway Bill
  • Final collection and drop off to the airport for uplift on day of travel
  • Regular updates both pre and post the relocation of your pet(s)  
  • The support of the highly experienced GVC Relocation Team throughout the duration of this very important and impactful journey!

Documents Only Service. Utilize the team’s expertise to ensure that the necessary paperwork is correct and your pet has their documents in order prior to travel.

  • Document checking and required administrative functions  
  • Scheduling for vaccines, bloodwork and parasite treatment (if required) and as per importing country requirements
  • A “Fit to Fly” day – scheduled within ten days prior to the travel date. This includes: 
    • A full veterinary health check carried out by GVC 
    • Travel to and from the airport for Ministry (MOCCAE) document validation and health check confirmation 
  • Finalisation and submission/verification of all travel documents
  • Visit to official MOCCAE Vet at Abu Dhabi Airport for finalisation of documents, microchip checking and issuance of the Export Permit

GVC Pet Relocation Services – Pet Import

The GVC Pet Relocation team works with our network of trusted agents around the world to support the safe arrival of your pet into the UAE.

Whether you want our team to provide the final steps or to coordinate and manage the whole process, we are here to provide your pet with the warmest welcome and safe delivery to their new home here in the UAE!

Our Pet Import Packages

Pet Import Package – Pet arrival into Abu Dhabi (AUH) or Dubai (DXB).

  • Relocation consultation (in person or virtual) dependent upon pet owner location at time of enquiry
  • Pet Arrival Questionnaire and follow up Telephone Consultation (Veterinary Nurse) to help provide your pet with the best bespoke care on arrival
  • Import documentation and airport/customs clearance on arrival. Please note that arrivals into Dubai will be met by a trusted third-party agent for airport clearance
  • Home delivery of pet within the UAE (a surcharge for remote locations and/or Northern Emirates may apply)
  • Complimentary Pet Health Club membership for one year from date of arrival

Optional. Additionally the GVC Pet Relocation team can coordinate and provide a “Door-to-Door” service, which includes:

  • Engaging an overseas partner in country of origin for: 
    • Outward pet collection 
    • Export documentation  
    • Customs clearance and 
    • Airway Bill from country of origin

Meet Our Pet Relocation Experts

Dr. Katrin Jahn

Owner, General Manager, Head Veterinary Doctor

Dr. Katrin is the founder of the German Veterinary Clinic. Her passion and commitment to delivering the highest standards of animal care as well as her extensive knowledge and experience has enabled the clinic to expand and flourish, with the GVC family now grown to over 25 dedicated and caring team members.

Joanna Cole

Manager – Pet Relocation Services

Joanna joined GVC in 2016 after spending much of her career working in the education sector. However, with her massive love for animals Joanna was always destined to work in the pet care field! Joanna has a passion for travel (and adventure) and her wealth of experience working in foreign countries made her the ideal person to lead GVC’s Relocation Team, helping our customers to transport their pets around the world.

Amir Zaman

Pet Relocation Executive & PRO

Amir is our Arabic-speaking Pet Relocation Executive and PRO who works closely with ministry to ensure that all relocation documents are in order. Amir offers extensive support to GVC Global Pet Relocation, ensuring that pets are delivered safely and securely to the airport and are re-united happily with their owners.

George Luciano

George is from the beautiful islands of the Philippines, where he grew up and studied, gaining a degree in Hospitality and Tourism, before following his passion for travel and moving to the UAE. An interest in the travel and aviation sector led to George gaining several years work experience within the airline industry, with the likes of Dnata, Qantas and UPS, specializing in cargo, freight, and logistics.

Pet Relocation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

International pet relocation Abu Dhabi

Have a pet relocation question? Our Veterinary Advisors have created some helpful free downloadable Guides which answer many of the things you need to know, or contact us with your question and we’d be happy to help.




We know that this time of travel and change may bring some levels of uncertainty and anxiety with it, both for our pets as well as their owners. This is why we recommend…



Our caring team of experts will assist you in every step to prepare your pet for departure. Purchase crates well in advance so that your pets can get used to their crate at home.



Our caring team of experts manage every step of your pet‘s departure and journey to their new home in collaboration with our overseas partners; rest assured that they are in safe hands.



Our caring team of experts manage every step of your pet’s import and journey to their new UAE home in collaboration with our overseas partners; rest assured that they are in safe hands.



Domestic cats can experience some additional challenges during relocation. Cats are the ultimate Sensory Being and experience sights, sounds …



Many different companies offer pet relocation. Some are part of veterinary clinics, some are freight forwarders or shipping agents, and some are solely pet relocators.

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