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What our Pet Relocation clients are saying

The GVC Global Pet Relocation team have helped transport more than 2,000 pets. Find out why our customers recommend us:

17 Sep 2019
Sookie arrived safely and still adjusting (wide-awake at midnight and sleeping now – finally!) Thank you all for making her adventure comfortable and safe. 

Have a great day ahead!

- Kristine Tan-On

12 Sep 2019
Just mailing to let you know Charlie made it safe and is lording it around like a queen & and handing out the guilt trips lol.
Thank you to you and your fantastic team for all of your help in getting her to us safe and sound.

- Kevin Booth

JNB / South Africa
10 Sep 2019
Jasper has settled in well with my niece and nephew and is being spoiled rotten 😊.  He settled almost straight away, and everything went smoothly.  Miss him but my niece sends me pics and videos daily.

Thank you and everyone at GVC for your excellent service and the wonderful care you all provided for my Jasper. I cannot thank you and recommend you enough. 

- Mary Fotiadis

Margie, Moushy & Midge
Auckland / NZ
26 Aug 2019
Thank you for turning around the export of Margie, Moushy and Midge so quickly – we’ve enjoyed catching up with the quarantine pictures and its great to see them looking so great. Thanks for all your help.

- Alison Bintlif

21 Aug 2019
You are amazing! Thank you so much! I’m so glad you took care of my dog with his travels, I was worried about flying in the summer, but you made it seamless and safe

- Daniel Bela Gellai

Lady, Logan, Lola, Daisy, Kitty, Snoopie & Freya
Denmark / Copenhagen
19 Aug 2019
The service was amazing, and Joanna and the team were great. We are grateful for everything that was done for our pets.
Thank you.

- Vee & Ahmed Barakat

Oscar & Dingo
Cyprus / Larnaca
09 Aug 2019
Thank you so much for everything, I highly appreciate your professionalism and your great support. Well done, both cat and dog are here, safe and sound, thanks to you.

- Sally Harcup

AUS / MEL - Newcastle
01 Aug 2019
The care from German Veterinary Clinic reflected how we felt about our pet at all times. They were professional and personable and delivered on everything they promised.

- Peter Chadwick

Paddy & Sootie
UK / Manchester
26 Jul 2019
Thanks for everything Joanna. They arrived yesterday at 10am all ok. They’ve been enjoying exploring their new home and love going up and down the stairs!!!

- Rachel Bradley

Montreal / Canada Import
17 Jul 2019
Thank you very much for your great service! Thanks to Rory!

- Steve Levesque

Finley & Stella
London / UK Import
14 JUL 2019
Finley and Stella arrived perfectly last night, and we are so grateful to have them back with us. Our family is now complete! Thank you for all the wonderful work and for caring so well for our babies!

All the best.

- Melissa Nelson

Sanders & Shadow
Toulouse / France
13 Jul 2019
The service was excellent. The paperwork was spot on and we had no problem at check in or on arrival in France. We had to pick up our pet cats though in Paris and check them in again for our next leg of the journey in France. The staff were helpful at the airport and we were able to clean the pets cage a bit before the next leg. The pets are now settled in France and their microchip registered on the French system. Thank you so much for all your help and your very prompt reply with all queries. We thought your service was so friendly and professional. One of the best services we have had in Abu Dhabi

- Corinne Hegarty

NZ / Christchurch
08 Jul 2019
Just a quick note to say thank you. Slider is settling very well in New Zealand. He is out of quarantine now and exploring his new home. He loves adventuring outside and the change in temperature is not bothering him too much. So, thanks again, you made the whole process very stress free.

- Eleanor Clark

UK / London
08 Jul 2019
Just to let you know that Bagpuss has arrived safely at our home in the UK. Thank you for everything you have done to ensure that things went smoothly

- Kathryn Beaney

Bogota / Columbia
08 Jul 2019
Outstanding service, great and friendly staff. All queries and communication were always taken care on time. Professional and responsible service. Thanks!!

- Jorge Serrano

Italy / Milan
27 Jun 2019
German Vet clinic was professional and helpful with preparation of documents for travel for our pet

- Sheena Mansignori

Alien & Betty
23 Jun 2019
Thanks to all GVC team, we were worried due to the tight schedule, but the team helped us and made us feel confident that our kitties were in very good hands, thank you so much

- Victor Roberts

Gizmo & Chewbacca
Atlanta / USA Import
04 Feb 2019
Pups are home! Wanted to thank everybody for getting the pups moved safely to UAE!
I just wanted to thank you for all the assistance. It felt so good when Amir pulled up with the pups, I’m glad that is over, and we can get on with day to day life.

- Bob Smith

Milu & Mia
Italy / Rome
19 Jun 2019
Amazing service. We relocated two cats to Italy and the service provided was a 5 Stars “plus” completely hassle free. Special mention to Rory who I dealt with. Thank you, all the professional Staff.

- Stefano Lupieri

Auckland / NZ
13 Jun 2019
Thank you so much for your professionalism. Having your team come to my house to manage all the requirements for relocation made the whole process so much easier for me and I really appreciate your team

- Cindy Black

Tim & Sim
DUR / South Africa
03 Jun 2019
Joanna Cole was a key player in arranging my two tortoises, “my babies”, journey back home. This was an arduous task and took ten and a half months to coordinate. Joanna remained focussed and as a result of her brilliance and perseverance, Tim and Sim are now safely back with me.
Joanna is undoubtedly an invaluable asset to the GVC and offers tremendous support to her clients. Many thanks, Joanna for arranging Tim and Sim’s journey back home. We would never have been able to do this without you!
I am eternally grateful to GVC for bringing Tim and Sim home. Thank you for your commitment, dedication, compassion and your excellence.

- Sangeetha Pandaram

Jack & Fang
USA / Chicago
24 May 2019
Hi Joanna, Rory, Amir and GVC team,
Thank you so much for managing our fur babies safe transport to the US.
They all arrived and are adjusting after their long journey. We were worried about them all during the trip, but mostly Fang, due to his age. Thankfully they are all okay and in good hands with my family.
You made this as stress-free as possible, and we really appreciate that you got them there safely, and managed the process from A to Z.
Moving from the UAE after 12 years makes this a chaotic, busy time, and we are so happy that we didn’t have to think about all the details of pet transport, on top of everything else.

- Mary Hayes

Ireland / Dublin
24 May 2019
The process was made very easy for us. We never had to worry about anything, and we were made feel confident that everything would run smoothly, which it did

- Paul & Louise Moynihan

DOH / Qatar
19 May 2019
Thank you so much for all your help, for your patience and understanding. We’ve arrived safely with Curdee. Everything went well. I’ve attached her pictures. The anxiety pills really helped her calm down and adjust to everything. Thank you for that.

I would definitely recommend your services to my friends when they relocate with their pets.


- Chelsea Rayos

Freddy & Lamont
USA / Orlando
04 May 2019
Anyone weighing options for pet relocation need look no further than German Vet Clinic. I was extremely nervous about moving to Florida with my cats. Not only did Joanna put me at ease, she made what would have been a complicated process
streamlined and simple due to her experience and expertise. Thanks to her efforts my cats arrived in Florida, safely. The US Customs Officer reviewing their paperwork even made a point to compliment German Vet Clinic for how well the documentation had been compiled and presented.

Since my cats’ health and wellbeing was contingent upon them being able to enter the US(after such a long flight) without delay, I’m so glad that I chose German Vet Clinic. They offer a great value for what I consider to be an invaluable service.

- Amy Valenta

Malaysia / Kuala Lumpur
29 April 2019
I am so impressed and grateful to find out you and your team really follow-up the progress of Garfield till the end of his journey home. No words that I can said than THANKYOU a million to you and your team in Abu Dhabi and Kuala Lumpur for the safe arrival of Garfield.
I am flying tomorrow night to visit him and coming back on Saturday for work.

Thank you again.

- Aziah Binti Abdullah

Snowball & Ninja
USA / Atlanta
25 Mar 2019
I always had the best experience with GVC, and the relocation of my pets could not be handled in a better way. My pets arrived stressed free to their destination because they were loved and cared during all the days they stayed boarded and the travel arrangements were made in Avery smooth way thinking always in the comfort and safety of my pets and I was informed at all times with the details and flights and connections. Thank you! There is no better vet clinic I had ever used in my life

- Aisha Alexande

Charlie & Louie
UK / Glasgow
13 Mar 2019
Both boys arrived safe and sound, Charlie wasn’t sure what rain was.

Overall the German Vet offers a fantastic service from grooming our dogs, their vet care and now relocation back to Scotland. Cannot fault anything. They really looked after our Maltese fur babies

- Stephen Trainer

Poland / Wawsaw
12 Mar 2019
Thank you all for reuniting us with Dijon and making it as smooth as possible many thanks.

- Ahmed Al Mansouri

Sydney / Australia
28 Feb 2019
Hi Joanna,

Thanks for everything. Sam is home and taken over the Sofa.

- David Joyeux

USA / Atlanta
28 Feb 2019
Just wanted to let y’all know Nacho made it safe. Appears everything went smooth. So just wanted to thank you all for getting him there, and with no hiccups. Thanks again.

- JJ Garcia

Bertie & Theo
Auckland / NZ
04 Feb 2019
Here they are in their new home! It’s so good to be reunited. Thank you for everything Joanna! 🙂

- Erica Hill

UK / Manchester
24 Feb 2019
Special thank you to Joanna Cole, for all the organisation she provided to ensure my dog Mimi arrived safely in the UK all the way from the UAE. She was kind and friendly, reassuring and made the process easy. Thank you xx

- Ria Wheeldon

Malik & Benedict
Auckland / NZ
04 Feb 2019
We couldn’t have asked for anything more from Joanna and team

- Hayley New