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Senior Health in our Pets – How to Help our Furry Friends Enjoy their Later Years

At GVC we love all our pet patients, young and old! Kittens and puppies are wonderfully cute and as they age their personalities mature and their characters really emerge into the complex and adorable family members we cherish so much. For pet parents, the move from adult to “senior” or “mature”, however, can often happen […]

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Why you’re never too young (or too old) to learn about Animal Welfare, Healthcare and Socialising

Here at GVC we place huge value on applying a holistic approach to pet healthcare which means that we will always consider an animal’s healthcare and welfare from a physical, mental and emotional approach. Now, there is a massive amount of information to learn about all three areas but while Vets are experts in the […]

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Unravelling the Riddles of Pet Relocation Estimates

Moving your pet from here to there… Really, how difficult can that be? Well in truth it’s not so much difficult as complex, time-consuming and of course quite expensive, especially when you are not being provided with all of the right information and costs are either not being fully explained or fully included. Which presents […]

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