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Pet Dental Care

Pet Dental Care

Pet Dental Care and Advanced Dentistry

vet in khalifa city abu dhabi conducting dental check on pet

Dentistry in pets is just as important as it is for humans.  If your pet’s teeth aren’t brushed every day, they are more susceptible to developing plaque and tartar, which can lead to gingivitis and other more serious forms of dental disease.  The bacteria which collect in the mouth can also enter your pet’s bloodstream and transfer to their vital organs, causing infection.

At GVC we recommend regular dental check-ups, and have the latest innovative equipment, plus specialist ongoing training to enable us to perform high-end, sophisticated pet dentistry procedures.  Services include:

  • Dental X-ray machine
  • Advanced assessment of teeth and tooth roots
  • Specialist pain relief
  • Advanced surgical extraction techniques
  • Pet dental health support, advice and education
  • Scale and polish
  • Specialist dental products for pets who don’t enjoy teeth brushing!
  • Delivery of Pet food and other merchandise

“Cats are connoisseurs of comfort” – James Herriot