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Pet Food And Merchandise

Pet Food And Merchandise

Pet Store in Abu Dhabi

Find everything you need to take the best care of your pet in our well-stocked Pet Store. We have a wide range of veterinary-approved pet food, healthcare products, toys and equipment – and we’ll even deliver to you at home!

Pet Food and Pet Food Home Delivery

Pet care in Abu Dhabi

Pet Healthcare Products and Accessories

Keep your pet healthy and happy. Our Pet Store stocks a wide range of specially selected products including

  • Dental products to keep pets’ teeth and gums healthy
  • Behavioural products for cats and dogs
  • Shampoos, brushes and grooming items
  • Products for bone and joint health
  • Interactive cat and dog toys
  • Scratch pads and posts
  • Drinking fountains
  • Interactive food bowls


“I have lived with many zen masters – all of them cats” – Eckhart Tolle