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Cat Grooming at GVC

Cat Grooming

Cat Grooming at GVC

Help your cat feel in top condition with cat grooming at GVC. It’s easy for your cat’s fur to get matted or tangled, especially if they are a long-haired breed. Our experienced and patient cat groomers are specially trained to work with felines and can help remove knots and tangles from your cat’s fur with the minimum of stress. We can even cut their claws and clean their ears, to leave them feeling in top condition.

Cat Grooming at GVC

Cats, especially long-haired breeds here in the UAE, absolutely love being groomed!Watch as Dr. Katrin takes you through a grooming session at GVC.Book a grooming appointment for your cat this January and get 10% discount (20% for GVC Pet Health Club Members) 556 2024#CatGrooming #CatFriendlyClinic #CatSpecialist

Posted by German Veterinary Clinic on Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Ethical approach to cat grooming

We believe that sedating our feline grooming patients minimizes stress and helps speed up the grooming process. We make sure that the sedation protocol we use is reversible, and all cats are closely monitored by a qualified veterinary nurse during the grooming procedure.

Unless they are extremely dirty, we do not recommend bathing your cat.  Their own scent is very important to them because cats rely on odour both to communicate with one another and to gather information about many aspects of their environment. Cats’ noses are about a thousand times more sensitive than ours.  Removing their scent can be very distressing to them.


“An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language” – Martin Buber