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Pet Relocation

International Pet Relocation – GVC Global Pet Relocation

GVC Global Pet Relocation is the IPATA registered international pet relocation service from German Veterinary Clinic.

Our pet relocation specialists in Abu Dhabi have helped more than 4,000 pets move home, whether moving to the UAE from overseas, or from the UAE to an international destination.

To find out more about our bespoke door-to-door service and to get in touch with the GVC Global Pet Relocation team for advice or a quotation, please contact us today or visit the GVC Global Pet Relocation page.

GVC Global Pet Relocation

More than 3,000 happy pets transported in over 10 years!Make GVC Global Pet Relocation your first choice in pet travel.Get a 02 556 2024 #GVCTeam #GVCGlobalPetRelocation #InSafeHands #PetTransport #PetRelocation #IPATA

Posted by German Veterinary Clinic on Sunday, July 14, 2019


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