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The K-Laser, Medical Tech We Love!

on : June 2, 2019 comments : (Comments Off on The K-Laser, Medical Tech We Love!)

Here at GVC we aspire to always do three things consistently and to the very best of our abilities, these being:

  1. To provide the most positive experience possible for all our patients and their owners
  2. To provide the highest quality diagnostic and treatment options to obtain the best possible result
  3. To ensure that (as feasibly as possible) we always combine points one and two….

What’s the difference you may be wondering…. Well, as a veterinary clinic there are myriad of variables to consider when it comes to treatments, outcomes and overall experience and whilst we always want to do only the very best for each and every case, it is understood that there are many factors that need to be understood and considered ranging from ethical to financial and from practical to possible. However, what we can promise is that the team will always aim to do the best for each and every patient.

So, where does the K – Laser fit into this triad? Well, a big part of creating and delivering positive experiences and outcomes is ensuring that we have the right tools to do so.

Obviously, there’s the small matter of ability, learning and culture that underpins GVC, our team does what it does because we all love what we do, animal care is a passion and vocation for each individual that works here… add to that the wonderful (and seemingly daunting) learning that each vet, nurse and care provider goes through to make their innate ability a real life changer for their patients and we have a group of inspired people with the skills to do great things. Add in the creation of a positive culture of enablement combined with proven best practices (such as Cat Friendly Certification and the Fear Free Approach) and we have a team with a mission…!

But, we still need the right tools to do the job.

So, at GVC we have made it a focus to assess and review innovations and technology and grab the bits that we think are the best. These include having our own in-house lab set up so that we can quickly run tests and obtain life-saving information in life-saving time… we have the digital X-ray unit that allows the team to have X-ray vision and we have our ultra-sound machine to see the soft tissue bits that the X-ray might miss…

And then we have our K -Laser, which all the vets love… if there was one bit of tech that they all want to use more, it’s the K – Laser and that’s a fact for two simple reasons…

  • 1. It’s highly effective
  • 2. It’s absolutely non-invasive and completely pain free which makes it the ultimate aid to a positive pet experience…

There is a third reason, which is also very very important. And that is that the patients get to wear goggles (and dogs look amazing in a pair of goggles…)

Seriously though, it really does enable the team to both provide highly effective treatment and a positive experience, every time.

There are many applications for the K – Laser and the technology has consistently demonstrated benefits across numerous tests and timeframes. It is human medical technology that is now available for our pets and is proven to aid healing, reduce inflammation and ease pain… and it is non-invasive and entirely portable (so we can even do it at your home for the perfect positive pet experience).

Whether as a post operation healing tool, a treatment plan for injury recovery and rehabilitation, or as a regular aspect of health maintenance (it’s great for reducing inflammation in aging joints and limbs), the K – Laser can make a wonderful difference to our furry friends’ quality of life.

At GVC, we want a positive experience and a positive outcome every time… with the K – Laser we have a tool that delivers!   

Learn more by clicking here or make an appointment to meet with your Vet and discuss how the K – Laser can be beneficial for your pet.

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