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Caring Squared

on : February 1, 2018 comments : (Comments Off on Caring Squared)

The German Veterinary Clinic Ethos – what it means, why it means so much and why it helps to define GVC every day…

There are some things in life that you really cannot value highly enough… and at the top of that list should be

“People who care as much as we do about the things we love the most.” – and to many of us, our pets fall in exactly that category.

  It might seem like common sense but if you need to relinquish care and responsibility for a beloved furry friend then you really do want the person taking charge to absolutely and fundamentally understand what that responsibility means…. To implicitly know why your love exists and the significance it has to you…

For me, loving my pets is woven into my being and I know that I am far from alone in this. Us animal lovers do get a bit soppy at times and perhaps may seem a little silly to those “not in the know” (poor things) but we are very clear on just how important the health and happiness of our furry family is and we make decisions and act for their best interests.

Which is why finding a team of similarly minded animal lovers who have made their passion into their vocation and their careers and who are therefore bestowed with the knowledge, skill and ability to actually do more than be a caring but confused owner is so very important.
At the German Veterinary Clinic (GVC), such a team exists. Yes, it is a commercial business and yes, there is obviously a financial price that will need to be paid… although don’t for a second confuse this price with the value, as the value is what counts and as we all know the welfare of our furry family has a value that goes far far beyond a financial figure.

The ‘value’ is built upon a rock-solid foundation of passion, love and CARE, both for the wonderful animals and for us doting owners. This is a foundation that extends throughout the GVC team and the principles of their business.

Pet care in Abu DhabiWitnessing this first hand is an eye opener. Seeing the time, effort, blood (cats aren’t always cute and fluffy – especially when they’re feeling under the weather) sweat and tears that goes into creating and delivering a service based on these most powerful of emotions is humbling and really does inspire a feeling of gratitude and respect… especially when the object of their focus happens to be one of your beloved furry friends… at that point in time you just know that they could not be in better hands and that the wellbeing and comfort of your pet will be a priority mutually shared.

And that really is a consideration above and beyond any fiscal cost. Value is created by so much more and that is why we need to consider how the ethos of Caring Squared brings together both the heart and the head to understand why this is such a positive and potent combination. If the considerations of “the heart” are those intangibles that we’ve already mentioned (passion, love and care…), the magic of Caring Squared is created by combining these with unshakeable business sense and best practice.

On a purely business level (the head), the attributes that define a successful enterprise regardless of industry are the willingness to learn, to review, to assess, to innovate and to strive always to improve… Whilst passion will go a very long way, passion when coupled with an uncompromising desire to be the best and an approach that is always honest and self-aware enables a business to achieve consistently outstanding results.

Especially when the success of the business is then reinvested back into the business. Which in the case of GVC is in the shape of lasers, x-rays, ultra-sounds and many other wonderful medical technologies as well as that crucial and so often overlooked investment, the investment in people. Enabling individuals to become an integral part of the business, to develop new knowledge and skills that will then be employed back at the “coal face” (if a coal face was a place of amazing hygiene and international best practice in veterinary medical standards and applications). This in turn inspires further improvement and investment…

This cycle of success is a symptom of a business that has harnessed the collective passions and potentials of an outstanding team, with a direction and clarity of purpose that inspires commitment.
So, what does Caring Squared actually mean…?

I think we can start to understand that Caring Squared is more than just a catchy slogan. It’s an ethos and a motto…


It’s the passion, love and care we mentioned before (all that blood, sweat, tears etc etc…) integrated seamlessly within a business that aspires to always be better and works relentlessly to make it happen… This creates the very best for both the animals that are the focus for all that passion and expertise and also for the owners (us soppy humans) who are provided a level of service and support that inspires the trust all businesses aspire to achieve.

It means that when we care, the GVC team cares. Where we may be fearful, they’ll understand and empathise.. and where we need only the best, they can deliver because they are the best…

Now, you may wonder why I’ve written these few ineffective paragraphs on a topic that’s pretty profound (it certainly doesn’t do it justice) or question the motivation to do so…. It’s simple really, sometimes you’ve just got to recognize what is good and right and then shout about it… as an added benefit, I also found that attempting to explain Caring Squared was a positive experience and one that helped to provide a new perspective on what it takes to excel in a business that is focused on putting others first.

Maybe I’m a little biased but it doesn’t really matter as the evidence and impact of Caring Squared is there for all to see.

You don’t need to take my word for it, head to GVC and you’ll find out for yourself.

Michael Kitchen


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